Community Engagement


Here at TLC, we believe that Outreach is central to our identity as Christians.  Jesus himself performed over 40 miracles, but only three took place in the temple. 

We believe this example is a reminder to us that our greatest evangelism not only happens "in a service" but when we serve.  Check out the following ongoing service opportunities in our church:



5th Sunday

Next 5th Sunday: June 30th — Sign-Up

Each 5th Sunday we opt out of our traditional worship experience to go beyond the walls of our church to serve our community. Not a Sunday off, but a Sunday serving together. All generations, genders, and people are welcome (Even if you're not a member) Stay tuned for our next 5th Sunday Outreach project.


Gift Of Hope Week

Once a year we host a week-long initiative full of diverse service opportunities in our city. We believe there's nothing more powerful than the GIFT OF HOPE, so this is a week dedicated to the spreading of just that through service, kindness, and generosity. Stay tuned for more details for our 2019 Gift of Hope week.


The Daily Bread


We partner with Boushall Middle School and J.L. Francis Elementary School to provide backpacks of food weekly to students in need. Our team gathers every Thursday to package the meals and prepare the bags, and they are delivered every Friday to the students to ensure their nourishment over the weekend and throughout the coming week.



If you'd like to contribute financially to any of these initiatives The Life Church is a 501c3. You can give here or email us for more information at




To sign up and get more information on weekly volunteering, fill out the form below.